July 2023 Festival

VendorServices ProvidedWebsite
featherhawk essences & Coddiwomple Arts & CreationsEssence Readings, Aura Sprays, Specialty Essences, Dot Mandalas on CDs and 45s, Rocks, Shells, Canvas, Heavy Paper and more plus handcrafted jewelrywww.featherhawk.com
Noah & AdrianaEnergy healingSharonsweb.com
Kentucky WhispersReadings, Reiki, Guided Meditation, Metaphysical and Assorted Itemswww.kentuckywhispers.com
Feel Great NowEssential Oil education & sales + Terahertz Frequency Device demosmydoterra.com/FeelGreatNow
Earth Gypsy BazaarI sell fun bohemian clothing for men and women, Tibetan singing bowls, tank drums, crystals, natural stone jewelry, incense & sage bundles, tapestries & meditation pillows and stickers
Thomas Freese Psychic, Author and ArtistPalm, Tarot & Past Life Readings Selling my art and bookswww.ThomasLFreese.com
Iris WellnessReadingsIrisWell.com
Earth Circle CreationsPallomancy readings and some Crystal Healing sessions.EarthCircleCreations.com
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Mary ArnottI Must Be Batsh*t Crazy When you find yourself in the middle of a myth and must decide – do I continue or do I walk away?Mary (Thompson) Arnott holds a MA in Mythology, and has found that myths and legends are most often based in fact. Many lifetimes ago, circumstances placed her upon a strange quest. In this present life, the quest was completed. By telling her story she hopes to help others find their own quests. At age 71, she no longer cares if people think she is crazy.
Geraldine BreenSprit Art with messages from guidesGeri Breen is a spirit artist and medium. Geri began her formal studies to become an evidential medium in 2015, after the experience of losing her son; his passing helped lead her towards exploring her own spiritual development. Along the way, Geri discovered her talent for mediumistic portraiture, the ability to sketch images of those in spirit. Today, Geri provides services in spirit portraiture and mediumship readings.
Mike OwenThe Healing Power of hypnosis – receive a complimentary group hypnosis session. Learn how hypnosis has helped millions to conquer their challenges all over the world!Mike has worked for almost two decades helping clients connect the physical aspects of life to the Spiritual. Many people will rely on the mind neglecting the heart and the emotional side of humanity. He has learned how to bridge the gap in bringing peace, health, and happiness. Mike is committed to helping everyone seeking healing on any level. Services include Hypnotherapy, Virtual Meditation Classes, Reiki, Life Coaching, Psychic Readings/Energy Clearing, and much more!
Andrea ShetleyHow Frequencies Affect Your BodyAndrea Shetley is your healthy living consultant. She empowers people to regain and maintain their optimal health using safe natural solutions. This includes using essential oils, herbs and flowers, frequency, and energy in different techniques. Andrea shows you how to easily incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine.
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